Strong Suit - The Tower of Self Esteem, Therapy Card Game

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  • Strong Suit - The Tower of Self Esteem

    Therapy Card Game for Kids 6+, Boost Self Confidence and Social Skills with Creativity, Problem Solving, Teamwork - Used by Therapists and Parents, 2-5 Players



    • 👍 ENCOURAGES POSITIVE THINKING- The Tower of Self Esteem is all about building up yourself and others and eliminating the need to compete to win. Helps children learn cooperation skills to work together as a team to build the tower while also helping them realize their own self-wort
    • 🚀 BOOST SELF CONFIDENCE- StrongSuit is a social skills game and anxiety tool that consists of a series of questions connecting personal, emotional and social strengths of each player - Strengthens coping skills, ability to think creatively, and look past their frustrations to work individually and together towards a common goal of constructing the tower of cards
    • 🤩 GROW AND HAVE FUN- Watch how fast children learn to cope with social anxiety and develop communication skills - Easy to learn; fun to play! Players take turns with question cards, as they simultaneously stand up to the challenge of planning and building a strong and sturdy tower
    • 👪 FOR THERAPISTS AND PARENTS- Parents, counselors, and child therapists alike will love the skills children will learn from our therapy self esteem building board game. Its interactive, therapeutic, and thought provoking style will keep your kids engaged and learning for hours
    • 🎲 LET’S PLAY- The StrongSuit CBT child therapy toy board game includes everything you need to play: 1 dice cube, 60 playing cards(20 red, 20 blue, 20 yellow), 40 card holders to build with, 100 game tokens, and the Tower of Self Esteem Game Instructions
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